Did you know?

Note: Topics are informational, clarifying or anecdotal and not intended to replace By-law and CC&R; provisions.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Rivers End has CC&R’s that were acknowledged as part of the contract process when we purchased our homes. We pay quarterly dues to maintain our common areas and ensure that the CC&R’s are followed.

CC&R;’s are a set of legal documents that outline the expectations of our neighborhood. They are designed to help maintain our property values and quality of life within our neighborhood. CC&R’s can be amended, changed or deleted but the process is very detailed and requires an approval vote by homeowners.

Monument Lights

The CC&R’s require that all homes have a photo cell monument light installed. There is a variety of styles: three bulb candelabra, one bulb standard base or the newer LED. Most get their power through a Ground Fault CB (GFI) usually located in the garage on an outside wall. Photo cells are either located on the light fixture itself or mounted on an outside wall of the house. Covering the photo cell with a piece of black electrical tape makes daytime troubleshooting possible. First check to see if the CB has popped and reset as necessary. If it is OK check the bulbs, but it’s rare all three bulbs in the candelabra style will burn out at one. There is no standard on bulb type: incandescent or newer long-life LED or CFL. Unfortunately if these two steps fail you may have to call and electrician.


The CC&R’s outline basic landscaping requirements for homeowners. In addition to guidance on trees and shrubs around the property. The grass strip between the sidewalk and street is required to have two trees unless signage, streetlights or other factors override. Initially, builders did the install but once the property closed, the trees became the responsibility of the homeowner, including the two tree requirement.

Hard freezes can occur in the Winter having a devastating effect on some varieties of trees because the sap had not moved down to nourish and prepare the tree for the next growth cycle. Typically, trees hit hard are ornamental cherry and columnar white pine among others.

If you have a dead tree on your property, especially in the grass strip, CC&R’s require homeowner action to replace the tree. September and October are ideal months for planting in this area as weather starts to cool and irrigation is available until mid-October.

There is a state law against dogs off leash. The same goes for chronic dog barking; it is considered a nuisance and a violation of both state law and our CC&R’s. If you have a kennel remember it needs to be screen completely from view. If you are thinking of getting a kennel, you need approval first.


Normally these containers should be kept out of view from the street (i.e. not in front of garage doors). Collection is on Mondays so it is normal that these are out Sunday night through Monday night. Republic Services does request that these items are put on the curb (not the sidewalk) by 7:00 AM Monday morning.